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1Q- Do you provide Cash on Delivery service?

1A- We do inside Medina City Only

2Q- Can I return my product if I did not like it?

2A- No the sale is final however to make sure you don't fall in this dilemma we will send real photo of the product before you pay to make sure you will not get something you did not like.

3Q- Can i cancel my order after paying?

3A- If we did not ship it yes you can however there will be an extra 5% charge as restocking fees in addition to bank fees for transferring payment.

4Q- Do you have other payment methods?

4A- For local buyers there are 2 payment methods. for International buyers there are 3 payment methods ( Bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal ) however in case you use PayPal you will have to pay their fees which is about 5%.

4Q- Will i have to pay import cost in top of my order?

4A- Unfortunately yes as we use DHL as our shipping methods for international buyers, they require  declaration, however due to fact we know this is lame, we will help you filling declaration and you will pay 10% of that price but you will bare responsibility in case customs in your country decide the value must be higher.